Shooting Ground

  1. SPORTING : Extensive range of traps situated around the 50 acres of ground to provide a huge variety of targets.
  2. CLUBHOUSE : All new facilities in the new log cabin which boasts a log burning stove, leather sofas and full catering facilities.
  3. DOWN THE LINE : We have 8 DTL layouts available.
  4. AUTOMATIC BALL TRAP : We have 4 ABT layouts available
  5. SKEET : We have 4 English Skeet layouts which boast no cables as we use the latest cableless Wi-Fi technology.
  6. UNIVERSAL/OLYMPIC  TRAP : We have 3 layouts available.
  7. FITASC : We use the full range of the Grouse Moor Land for our FITASC shoots making use the amazing vista and spectacular views.